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The Rally Bag

  • $20.00

Be ready to hit the ground running the day after a wild night out with our Hangover Kit! This hand-curated collection of essential supplies is the perfect remedy for those bachelorette parties, weddings, and beyond. With 7 different items to get your crew feeling their best the day after, this hangover kit is sure to help you put the "fun" back into the "Funday".


WHAT’S INCLUDED: Our goal was to cover the main aspects of hangover aid- fast acting body remedies, energy, and feeling/looking fresh! Each hangover kit includes: 1x Electrolyte Powder, 1x minty gum packet, 1x Collagen Eye Mask, 1x 1000mg packet of Vitamin C, 1x Makeup Remover, 1x Ibuprofen, 1x antacid, AND the perfect bag to put your supplies in.

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